Standard Seed Mixes

We offer fifteen thoughtfully designed standard seed mixes designed to either mimic Michigan’s natural plant communities, provide enhanced pollinator resources, or be used as a workhorse mix in construction or mitigation projects.  If you don’t see what you need or want below, please contact us for a custom design.

**This year continues to see high demand for many native grass and wildflower species, due in part to Farm Bill incentives  and conservation programs, growth in the restoration and native landscaping industries, and a general shift in cultural awareness on the importance of native habitat. With this increased demand and resulting shortages, substitutions may be necessary for some species.**


Native Seed Mixes 1 acre 1/2 acre 1/4 acre
Basic Shortgrass Prairie Seed Mix $595 $393 $321
Dry Shortgrass Prairie Seed Mix $1,100 $660 $530
Basic Tallgrass Prairie Seed Mix $575 $391 $316
Mesic Tallgrass Prairie Seed Mix $1,075 $656 $527
Wet-Mesic Prairie Seed Mix $1,075 $656 $527
Wet Sedge Meadow Seed Mix $1,395 $907 $738
Emergent Wetland Seed Mix $1,295 $898 $705
Mesic Woodland Seed Mix $1,695 $1,034 $746
CRP Pollinator Prairie Seed Mix (2 acre min) $395 $237 $175
Dry-Mesic Pollinator Seed Mix $1,065 $639 $447
Slope Stabilization Seed Mix $355 $235 $177
BioSwale / Raingarden Seed Mix $895 $537 $430
Stormwater Basin Seed Mix $900 $540 $441
Forested Wetland Establishment Seed Mix $1,050 $630 $515
Solar Shortgrass Pollinator Seed Mix $495 $425 $395


Non-Native Seed Mix  <25 Lb 25-100 Lb 100+ Lb
Fescue Lawn Low
Maintenance Mix
$5/Lb $4.25/Lb $3.5/Lb
field with native michigan plants
Tall Grass Prairie


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