Additional Services

Site assessments & Management Plans
Based on your needs and objectives, our experienced staff can perform varying levels of site inspection. A simple site assessment analyzing basic site factors will provide you with a summary of your site condition, a suggested plant list, necessary site prep, and installation methods.  On the other end of the spectrum, we can provide a full botanical inventory with species level management recommendations and a long-term management plan.

Project specifications
Whether a native planting (by seed or live plugs) is part of a mitigation, a new corporate landscape, or a restoration project in its own rite, we can work alongside project engineers, landscape architects, or contractors to help ensure the specifications for site prep, installation, and management of the native plantings are designed to ensure a successful project.

Because native plantings require a slightly different focus than traditional landscaping, Native Connections can provide on-site consulting services during all project phases to ensure contractors utilize best practices for preparing, installing, and maintaining native plantings.

For those projects where the site prep, installation, and/or maintenance might seem overwhelming to an owner or contractor, Native Connections can put our extensive experience to use by either performing these services directly or through one of our approved contractors.  Our diverse experience and capabilities will ensure your project is done correctly.