Seed Mixes

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Based on your site conditions (moisture, soil, sun) and project criteria (budget, height, slope, etc.), we can design an appropriate custom mix for your project. We carefully select a community of plants from our extensive list of grasses and wildflowers, that will thrive on your site, adding biodiversity, long-term stability and aesthetics to your project.

**This year continues to see high demand for many pollinator friendly wildflower species, because of Farm Bill incentives and a successful national awareness campaign about the importance of these species. Because of this increased demand and resulting shortages, substitutions may be necessary for some species.**

We also offer fourteen thoughtfully designed standard seed mixes designed to either mimic Michigan’s natural plant communities, provide enhanced pollinator resources, or be used as a workhorse mix in construction or mitigation projects.  If you don’t see what you need below, please contact us for a custom design.

Seed Mix 1 acre 1/2 acre 1/4 acre
Basic Shortgrass Prairie Seed Mix $605 $399 $325
Dry Shortgrass Prairie Seed Mix $1,194 $704 $563
Basic Tallgrass Prairie Seed Mix $567 $386 $314
Mesic Tallgrass Prairie Seed Mix $1,179 $702 $543
Wet-Mesic Prairie Seed Mix $1,180 $719 $573
Wet Meadow Seed Mix $1,485 $897 $741
Emergent Wetland Seed Mix $1,424 $869 $713
Mesic Woodland Seed Mix $1,790 $1,094 $795
CRP Pollinator Seed Mix (2 acre min) $400 contact us for quote
Dry Mesic Pollinator Seed Mix $1105 $663 $468
Slope Stabilization Seed Mix $379 $263 $187
BioSwale Seed Mix $1023 $616 $496
Stormwater Basin Seed Mix $950 $575 $466
Forested Wetland Seed Mix $1,300 $780 $632